holstPainting is a language, just like music, literature and other arts. It is a form of communication that crosses the boundaries of the spoken word, much like poetry. We at the Ridgewood Art Institute are a community of teachers and students of the language of painting. I am often amazed when I see young students speaking with an older adult about painting. There is no generation gap here because the interest is the same for all; how do I become a better painter, how do I learn to say what I want to say in oil, drawing, watercolor or pastel? Yes, we have eight year olds and eighty five year olds and all of them come here for the same reasons. Each one wishes to become better artists and to be surrounded by helpful people who cannot wait to get to know them. As a member attending class on a regular basis, you will meet wonderful people who have the same passion as you. Our members are a dedicated and diverse group, who come together for many different reasons. Some want a hobby, some are professional artists and some are youngsters who are making it part of their education. Others are retirees branching out to embrace new life experience, and there are many more reasons. If you have ever said to yourself, "I wish I could do that", join us, be assured you can draw and paint. We can get you started in the right direction. What could be better than the pursuit of beauty surrounded by caring peoplewith similar goals? Now is the time; here is the place. We welcome you to Ridgewood Art Institute. carl-holst-signature Carl Holst President