Eric Alexander Santoli

Eric Alexander Santoli teaches Oil Painting for Young People – Portraits, Pets and Figures Wednesday  afternoons 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm.

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Eric Alexander Santoli (b. 1991 – Ridgewood, N.J.) is an academic painter and teacher.  He is a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  His work is influenced by traditional 19th century French academic techniques.  He first studied oil painting at the Ridgewood Art Institute as a high school student.  His work is represented by various galleries as well as being in many private collections, worldwide.

His teaching methods are designed to break down all the principles of painting in a fun and energetic environment, from sketching and preparations to the final piece.  This approach allows both beginners and advanced students to study painting effectively:

Students will begin by studying the materials of oil painting, the basic palette, basic techniques and sketching.  As students progress, they will be introduced to more advanced oil painting techniques.

Santoli’s own work is centered around portraiture, with a special affinity for painting and drawing pets and animals.  In the same way, students in his “Oil Painting for Young People – Portraits, Pets and Figures” class will create work focused on: portraits, self-portraits, the human figure, pet portraits and animals.

“I love teaching and I can’t wait to see each student enjoy their talent in my class!”

“The Butterfly”

By Eric Alexander Santoli

Oil Painting, 24 X 20 Inches