Summer Sessions for Young People 2018



August 6-10

Rebecca Leer
Drawing for Young People – ages 8 to 17 (East Studio)

All levels are welcome. Students will learn basic techniques of line, shape, proportion, perspective and shading while working from a variety of still-life objects and the human face. Instruction will be tailored to each student.
Fee: $185 supplies purchased: $35

August 27-Aug 31
Joel Popadics
(973) 851-0366
Learn How to Draw-People, Landscapes & Still Life -ages 9 to 17 (East Studio)

 All levels will discover the basics of drawing with exercises that are designed to be fun and easy to comprehend. Each session will focus on a different subject – everyday objects, people, landscapes and perspective while working in pencil, charcoal and pen & ink.    Fee: $185 supplies purchased: $35


July 30-August 3

Sue Barrasi
(845) 548-2305
Oil Painting for Young People – ages 8 to 17 (West Studio)

Students will learn and explore the world of classical painting. Emphasis will be on painting directly from life as students will learn to “see” the beauty of the prismatic flow of light. Students who wish to paint landscapes will be given the opportunity to paint from plein air color studies in order to observe effects of the atmosphere and learn basic principles of landscape painting. Beginner to serious young artists.   Fee: $185 supplies for the week: $25


August 6 -August 10

Diana Gibson
(973) 962-6436
Oil Painting for Young People – ages 8 to 17 (West Studio)

Great for beginner and serious young artists. High School students, create a piece for your college admissions art portfolio. Traditional art instruction in a fun encouraging environment. New & returning students welcome!    Fee: $185 supplies for the week: $25



August 13-17

Laura Paray
(201) 281-6940
Oil Painting for Young People – ages 8 to 17 (East Studio)

Your child will learn the basic techniques of oil painting and will create still life and landscape paintings to completion. They will learn concepts such as massing in, color and value.
Fee: $185 supplies for the week: $25