tray2The Ridgewood Art institute is fortunate to be hosting acclaimed artist John Traynor for a demonstration on Saturday, October 22nd at 10:00 AM.
John’s use of color and brush stroke captures the essence of nature, light and emotion in a way few other artists can achieve. In each work, be it a still life, or a moment of life, you don’t just view the painting as much as you feel the emotion of the painting, and become part of the scene itself. His impressionistic style, allows you to step into the scene he has set, and then create your own story within the frame to make it more personal to you.

John is an original artist. His style and technique is not an amalgamation of other living artist’s styles and methods, but a purposefully developed personal style, be it impressionistic or however people wish to describe it, which can be defined as only “John Traynor.” All of the long passed prominent artists developed a style that could be instantly recognized as their own. Without seeing the signature on the bottom, you instantly knew who the artist was. They were originals, and so is John. True to his passion, and defined only by his hand.