Blick Special Promotion!


The Blick Paramus Store

has created a special discounted paint kit for us.

Make sure to ask for “The Barn Paint Kit”


Pint Weber Turpenoid

Permalba White 150 ML

Cadmium Yellow Light 37 ML

Cadmium Yellow Medium 37 ML

Cadmium Yellow Deep 37 ML

Cadmium Orange 37 ML

Cadmum Red Light 37 ML

Cadmium Red Medium 37 ML

Cadmium Red Deep 37 ML

Ultra Marine Blue 37 ML

Cobalt Blue 37 ML

Alizarin Crimson 37 ML

Ivory Black 37 ML



Also: One Set of Princeton 6300 Series Flat Brushes

#10F • #8F • #6F


Make sure you ask for “The Barn Brush Set”