2018 Juried Show Admitted Works and Awards

First Name Last Name Title Award Name
Marie Abbate Winter Cardinal
Marjori Abramson Crystal
Robert Adzema Marina Sunrise
Rich Alexander In Grandpa’s Greenhouse
S. Anastasia Red Oak
Ann Marie Angelone Untitled
Bill Angresano Looking into the Light
Peter Antonellis Nona
Gloria Aritabile Winter
Jimmie Arroyo Nude Reclining Blick Award 1
Patt Baldino Orchid Dance Betty Kaytes Floral Award
Sue Barrasi Mandarin et Ginger Jardiniere Bill Fornaci Memorial Award for Oil Painting
Blanca Beer Homage to my Teacher
Emily Gilman Beezley Cathedral Rock
Anna Bis Remnants Arthur F. Maynard Award
C. Brandenburg Autumn in Vermont’
Christopher Breining Christy Turlington Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club Award
Maryanne Burton MetLife
Arlene Carallo Orchids in Blue
Roseanne Cerbo Readingtime
Peggy Stanton Chibaro Paper Tulips
Ana Colanly Gino’s Farm American Artist Professional League Award
Robert Conway Big Blue Outstanding Oil Painting Award
Stephanie Cook After the Rain at the Met Pastel Society of America Award
Janet Cunniffe-Chieffo Dance of the Violin
Robert Demarest Heading for Home
Elaine Denton Calle Galiano Havana
Peggy Dressel Kawmi
Barbara Efchak Belgium Donata Cardona Barrasi Memorial Still Life Award
J. Faucette Farmer Pitcher and Pomegranates
Kate Faust Mom’s Daffodils and Books
Lillian Fendrock Spring bouquet
Lois Fischer The Meatpacking District, NYC Gamblin Artist Oil Painting Award 1
Pat Flaherty Canyon View I
Toni Fox Guy
Tim Gaydos Last Snow Marsha Holst Memorial Award
Diana Gibson Spanish Mackerel
Dean Gilliland Lucas Dr. Joh Bowe Memorial Award
A.P. Gilmore Oregon Seals
Alice Goldsmith Still Life in Alviano
Yana Golikova Chinese Vase & Grapefruit
Katherine Gray Life Vests
Kimberly Hays Peonies in North Light
Adriana Hearns A View of the Dolomites
Tom Hedderich Three Cloves
Mia Herbosa Redhead Salmagundi Club Award
Carl Holst Cotswold Spring
Ed Horvath The Approaching Storm
Michelle Hyoun Lim Ruby on Gold Lawrence & Lydia Miniter Award
Kathrine Jennings Viking village Docks LBI
c.A. Jerez Lifting Fog
Barbara Johansen Peonies with Nectarines
Jeff Josephson Mt. Colder, Keene, NY


Kim Peonies
Sun Min (Simon) Kwon Portrait of Nick
Rebecca Leer Radicchio Onion
Chao-Min Liu Raven
Celeste Manfredini Morning Still Life with Lemon
Antonio Masi Family Walk New Jersey Watercolor Society Award
Liz Jorg Masi Craig
Ron McCarty Clamming
Fran McManus Aqua Pitcher
Nanette Michelmore Pottery
Joel Mitnick Oranges and Pears
Wendy Moore Morgan on Blue Velvet
Walter Mosley Rosarito
Maria Natoli Peonies
Chong-sun Oh Contemplation Gate House Galleries Award
Roberta Oliver Leading Ladies Blick Award 2
Laura Paray Fall Morning Glow
Rick Perez Dancer
Chris Petri The Brooklyn Bridge
Andrea Placer Cowboys Prayer
Lana Privitera Silk
Patricia Quirk Dougal
Anthony Raimo Wintertime
Susan Raskin Hunters Bounty
Nancy Rochford Turkish Melody
Marilyn Rose The Approach The Copper Beach Foundation Award
Thomas E Rutledge The Granary
Ken Salaz Sunrise Over Icy Lake John Phillip Osborne Inspirational Award
Arlene Schaeffer Day in the Hamptons Gamblin Artist Oil Painting Award 2
Michael Scherfen The Woodworker Jerrys Artist Outlet Award
Elaine Sgambati November Snow
Susan Shaw Deniz Still Life Blues
Barry Shiff Young America The Ulrich Award
Vi Shipley Off Shore
Murray Smith Snow Day
Shelly Snyder Playing Hookey
In Son Reflection
Mady Soukis Outsider
Janet Spiegel The Blues
Mel Stabin Fulton Fish Market Cynthia Shipp Goodgal Memorial Award for Watercolor
Joseph Sundwall Remembering
Debora Thedinga Ken Lockwood Gorge
Michael Tobin Listening to the Rote of the Sea
Dee Turba Shiney The Raymond’s Award
Renate Wehmeyer Magnolien in Brass
Susan Weintraub The Maine Monument
Nora L. Winn Melissa
Joanne Wirths Late Winter Thaw
Hee Sup Yoo A Whispering Bird